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Adult Gis

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HG100 Gi - Limited Edition

To celebrate 100 years of Helio Gracie, we have crafted one of the nicest jiu-jitsu gis of all time!

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Pearl Weave - Series II

Check out Rener using the Series II Gracie Gi in the new "Gracie Breakdown"

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HG100 Gi - Limited Edition (Kid's)

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Pearl Weave - Series I

*All Sizes Back in Stock*
Our Pearl Weave - Series I is a great year-round gi because it is extremely lightweight due to its custom tight weave pattern. The gi doesn't have the traditional bulky gi feel. It has a less constraining fit which allows for greater flexibility. The jacket is custom tailored with a multi-fabric bottom hem as well as a reinforced collar, sleeves, and arm pits to enhance durability. The back consists of a single piece of fabric, unlike most gis which are made up of two or three joining pieces of fabric, allowing greater durability, faster drying, and enhanced comfort when working from the guard. Another cool feature is that all Series I Gis have a hidden mouth-guard pocket inside of the jacket.

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Classic Gracie Gi

The perfect starter gi.

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Gi Pants

Original Gracie gi pants with Gracie Triangle on front left pant leg.

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Official Gracie Academy White Belt

Official Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy adult white belt.

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