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Submission Series 2/10: Choke

On the second Submission Series t-shirt, we pay tribute to Grand Master Helio Gracie's favorite technique, the Gi Choke. In 1951, the Grand Master shocked Brazil when he used a gi choke to defeat, Kato, rendering the top ranked Japanese Jiu-jitsu fighter unconscious in just six minutes. Forty-three years later, Royce Gracie shocked the world when he used a gi choke to defeat Minoki Ichihara and Remco Pardoel in UFC 2. With the SS2/10 t-shirt, not only do you get an incredible garment highlighting all the essential details of this powerful technique, but you also get instant access to a top secret 21-minute instructional video entitled "16 Street Chokes," in which Ryron and Rener teach you how to choke someone in a street fight regardless of what they are, or aren't, wearing!

Click here to see a sneak preview of the "16 Street Chokes" instructional video.

SS 2/10 T-shirt Design Details

Technique: Gi Choke (Estrangulamento)
Grand Master Mindset:When it comes to chokes, there are no tough guys, everyone goes to sleep.
Application: Establish the back mount, wrap the opponent's neck, secure their lapel, grab their leg, drive with your hips, pull with your arms.
Diagnosis: Loss of consciousness or death.
Recovery Time: Six seconds to life.
Skeptics: Talk to Remco.
Note: If they wear it, you can choke them with it.
Preventative Measures: Train at least 50% with the gi, or get choked on the street by someone who does.
Submission Series: 2/10

SS 2/10 Top Secret Technique Video: "16 Street Chokes"
When you purchase the SS2/10 t-shirt you are given access to a top secret technique video entitled "16 Street Chokes with the Gracie Brothers." In this 21-minute instructional video, Ryron and Rener explain how you can use your opponent's attire to choke them out in a street fight. Altogether they teach you 16 chokes on 10 different garments, including everything from a hooded sweatshirt or a sports coat to a t-shirt or tank top. If you weren't convinced that gi training is VERY realistic for street self-defense, you will be after watching this video. Once you purchase the SS2/10 t-shirt, you'll get an instant email receipt on which you'll receive special instructions on how to access your secret online instructional video. Simply put, this is probably one of the coolest videos Ryron and Rener have ever produced and it can't be accessed, purchased, or viewed in any other way!

Garment Details: 100% soft cotton, slim fit, jumbo front chest print, left shoulder blade print, off-centered lower back print, and specialty ink for soft touch.

Available in: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Ryron's Size: Ryron is 6'4" 190lbs and is wearing a Large.

Color: Black

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Submission Series 2/10: Choke - Summary
Durability 4 out of 5
Price 3 out of 5
Performance 5 out of 5
Appearance 5 out of 5
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woody from Idaho
Best shirt video combination Ever!
Durability 4 out of 5
Price 3 out of 5
Performance 5 out of 5
Appearance 5 out of 5

For the money, this is definitely more worth it. The video is more than I bargained for, and the shirt is still awesome. Fits nice and shows off my school, I like it a lot. The video is extremely informative; I never thought there were so many ways to choke someone in street clothes. Really opens your eyes to all the possibilities. Price is still a little steep though.
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