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Gracie Tactical Backpack (Standard)

The first-ever Gracie Tactical Backpack is here. Whether you're carrying jiu-jitsu gis, hiking equipment, or textbooks, the custom made military-grade Gracie Tactical Backpack is perfect for any mission!

Embroidered Velcro Gracie Belt Patch
Each backpack comes with an embroidered Velcro Gracie Belt Patch in the belt color of your choice (white, blue, purple, brown, or black). And when you get promoted to the next belt color, you can purchase a new Velcro Gracie Belt Patch and simply replace it on your backpack!

Maxpedition Grimloc D-ring Carabiner
Each Gracie Tactical Backpack also comes with a special black Grimloc D-Ring Carabiner that can be used for the attachment of training equipment (headgear, gloves, etc), weapons, or other accessories. It is fabricated from high density lightweight plastic, and resists solar heating. Its latch is designed with a detent to maintain an open position if needed. While strong enough to carry equipment, the Grimloc D-ring will break away with a soldier's weight, eliminating snagging hazards which can cause serious injuries.

Optional Accessories: Standard vs. Hydro Plus
No matter what the mission is, staying hydrated will be a major part of your success. Inside the main compartment of the backpack, there is a special panel for a bladder hydration system, but the Standard Gracie Tactical Backpack does NOT come with the bladder hydration system. If your interested in having your backpack equipped with a military grade, 3-liter, low profile bladder hydration system, check out the Gracie Tactical Backpack (Hydro Plus)!

How Much Does it Fit?
To test the true capacity of the Gracie Tactical Backpack, we decided to fill it up with as much training gear as possible. Here is a list of everything we could fit in the backpack (Note: In the pictures of Rener wearing the backpack, this is what he was carrying inside of it):

  • 2 Pearl Weave Gi Tops (Size A-4)
  • 2 Gi Pants (Size A-4)
  • 2 Black Belts
  • 2 Gracie Fight Shorts (Size 34)
  • 2 Gracie Dry Fit T-shirts (Size Large)
  • 1 Bladder Hydration System (3.0 Liter)
  • 1 Pair of 5.5 oz. Gracie Sparring Gloves
  • 1 Rubber Gun
  • 1 iPhone
  • 1 Limited Edition Gracie Emerson Knife
  • 1 Surefire E2-D Tactical Flashlight
  • 1 Mouth Guard
  • 1 Sharpie
  • 1 Ballpoint Pen
  • 1 Pair of 18 oz. Gracie Fight Simulation Gloves (Clipped on the outside)
  • 1 Stainless Steel Gracie Water Bottle (Clipped on the outside)
  • 1 HP Laptop Computer - 15" (In the padded laptop panel)

Additional Details:

  • Back Laptop Panel (padded) for easy access without opening main compartment
  • Single Reinforced Welded Hydration Port (for optional bladder hydration system)
  • Main compartment with bladder panel and mesh pockets Single Reinforced Welded Hydration Port (for optional bladder hydration system)
  • Front admin style pocket with bungee and Grimloc Carabiner
  • Breathable mesh back panel and shoulder straps
  • Main Compartment: 21" tall, 11.5" wide, 7" deep
  • Front Admin Pocket: 14" tall, 11" wide, 2" deep
  • Padded Laptop Back Panel: Roughly 20.5" tall, 11" wide, 1.5" deep
  • Will accomodate the majority of 13" and 15" Laptops

Camouflage Print Color: Digital A.C.U

Note: Please select what color belt patch you would like with your backpack in the drop down menu below. Keep in mind that we are all black belts at something and we are all white belts at something else. Therefore, the color you choose doesn't have to be related to jiu-jitsu (although it can be).

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Gracie Tactical Backpack (Standard) - Summary
Durability 5 out of 5
Price 3 out of 5
Performance 5 out of 5
Appearance 5 out of 5
1 out of 1 (100.00%) customers would recommend this product to a friend.
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Fergus from Geneva Switzerland
Intothefire reviews
Durability 5 out of 5
Price 3 out of 5
Performance 5 out of 5
Appearance 5 out of 5

For the last four weeks I’ve been trialling the Gracie Tactical Backpack. I’ve been using it every day for work and seriously putting it through its paces, here is what I thought:

The tactical backpack is something of a Tardis. Or for those who don’t understand that reference, it looks significantly smaller on the outside than it actually is on the inside. This is great in terms of style. I’ve been bringing the bag to work and it’s not great to head into the office with what is effectively a 50ltr (or so) walking bag. But largely due to the placement of the pocket the bag looks smaller.

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