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Helio Gracie 100-Year Limited Edition Painting (25x42" Canvas)

Only 100 Canvas Prints in Existence. Each Print is Individually Numbered and Autographed by Stephen Holland.
To commemorate 100 Years of Helio Gracie, world renowned painter, Stephen Holland, was commissioned to paint a spectacular piece of the Grand Master. The 4'x6' original masterpiece was unveiled at the Helio 100 Celebration on October 5th 2013. To see a video of the event, click here. This painting captures the most iconic image of Helio Gracie, as he stands in front of newspaper articles from his most renowned fights in Brazil. Stephen Holland has painted the most famous sportsmen in the world, including Muhammad Ali, Sandy Koufax, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky, Magic Johnson, Tiger Woods, Joe Namath, and many more. With this piece, he has captured the spirit of Helio Gracie perfectly.

To learn more about the artist's work click here.

Only 100 Prints in Existence
Not only are these canvas prints of excellent quality, but there are only 100 in existence. Each 25.5"x45" print is individually numbered and signed by the artist, Stephen Holland, in gold ink. It is our hope that these prints make it into the homes of 100 dedicated Helio Gracie Jiu-Jitsu representatives.

Jiu-Jitsu Sponsorships for Children
In alignment with Helio Gracie's dream of teaching jiu-jitsu to the world, all profits generated by the sale of these prints will go towards hosting self-defense camps for underprivileged children and providing sponsorships for bullying victims like Austin McDaniel.

Dimensions: 25.5"x42" Canvas Prints

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Helio Gracie 100-Year Limited Edition Painting (25x42" Canvas) - Summary

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