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Level 2 Full Certification: Arlington, TX (November 3-7, 2014)

14 Totally New Lessons for Military & Law Enforcement

Over the last year, the Gracies have been gathering reports and recommendations from GST instructors around the world, and the curriculum is finally complete. There were four contributors that went above and beyond in helping the Level 2 course come together. Our special thanks to Charlie Moore (US Marshals Service), Chuck Smith (US Customs and Border Protection), Charles Fernandez (Arlington, TX PD), and Craig Hanaumi (Bellevue, WA PD). Altogether, the GST Level 2 course features 14 totally new lessons including, but not limited to:

-*New Handcuffing Procedures
-*New Weapon Retention Strategies (standing and ground)
-*New Multiple Officer Arrest Procedures
-*New Gracie Two-man Takedown Techniques
-*New Edged Weapon Defense Strategies (standing and ground)
-*New Standing Wall-Control Tactics
-*New CQB Ground Control Tactics
-*New Gracie Teaching Methodologies

2 Mystery Lessons TBD (To Be Developed)
In addition to the 14 new lessons, Ryron and Rener intend to collaborate with the Level 2 course participants to create at least two totally new lessons during the actual course. The course participants will make suggestions for the topic of the mystery lessons based on common threat scenarios that haven't been addressed, and the Gracie Brothers will apply their knowledge and work with the participants to devise reliable solutions. In other words, GST will continue evolving to meet the demands of those whose lives depend on it.

Bring Your Duty Belt and Training Gear
Several of the GST Level 2 weapon retention techniques will be practiced using the duty belt. In order to maximize training benefit, please bring your duty belt/web gear, applicable holster, as well as an appropriate training handgun and training handcuffs for use during the week. Please note: absolutely no live weapons will be permitted in the training area at any time. Please do NOT bring: firearms, knives, less lethal devices, etc.

L2 Qualification Requirements + L1 Recert
In order to participate in the Level 2 course, participants must have completed Level 1 within the last two years. In addition to certifying instructors in the 14 new lessons and 2 mystery lessons, the Level 2 course will also serve as Level 1 recertification for all who attend. As part of the recertification benefits, Level 2 graduates will also be granted access to the complete GST Level 1 course online through Gracie University. The online GST access will remain for the duration of the certification period.

Click here for Host information, accommodations, hotels, what to bring with you and more.

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Level 2 Full Certification: Arlington, TX (November 3-7, 2014) - Summary

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