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Gracie Street Shorts

*New Arrival!*

For YEARS people have been asking for a pair of Gracie Shorts that have pockets, and they're finally here! Our classic Gracie Fight Shorts are for training, fighting, and surfing, but for everything else, the new Gracie Street Shorts are perfect! Constructed out of an ultra-comfortable 98% stretch polyester fabric, these shorts have two deep pockets for your street stuff (wallet, your phone, car keys, Gracie Emerson Folding Knife, etc). Whether you're lounging around the house, or heading to and from the academy, the new Gracie Street Shorts are exactly what you're looking for!

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Undercover Gray Fight Shorts

*All Sizes Back in Stock!*
After our last release (the Royal Fight Shorts) our new fight shorts are perfect for the days when you want to keep lower profile on or off the mat! The Undercover Fight Shorts feature the exact same construction, reinforced fastening system, and hidden mouthguard pocket as it's predecessors.

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Royal Fight Shorts

Take them to the beach or wear them in the cage! The new Royal Fight Shorts utilize the same fit, feel, and fight-focused construction as the all-time favorite Original Gracie Fight Shorts, but with a totally upgraded design.

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Original Black Fight Shorts

Durable enough for the cage, simple enough for the streets.

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